When you think "politician", does anything good come to mind?

If not, then why do you vote for them?


Why would you believe anything politicians say, when they're famous for saying anything to get elected but almost never do what they said they would. In fact, many of us voters think "campaign promise" is synonymous with "empty promise". And these people run the country! They make our laws! That job is too important to entrust to people we can't even trust to tell us the truth.

Here's a brutally honest political ad from one Gil Fulbright, who ran as a "satirical candidate" for a senate seat in 2014. He's not really a politician, he's an actor playing a politician in this ad. And he wasn't a real candidate running for office. But he could have been, as you'll see. By the way, this video ends with a fundraising appeal that lasts about 20 seconds, so please don't go anywhere yet.

That's a fun ad, but Gil wasn't an actual candidate. And even if he was, no one who is serious about improving our country would vote for him, hoping it would make things better. Sure, he's committed to telling the truth about how politics works. But he isn't proposing to do anything different. He's promising to do the same things politicians do, but just not hide it. How is that supposed to make anything better?

Maybe we all keep voting for politicians because there's nobody else to vote for. Well, isn't it time we GET somebody else to vote for? Wouldn't it be better to vote for people who aren't politicians, even if they're just ordinary folks like us? At least we can rely on them to try to do what's best for us. In fact, who else can we trust to do what's best for us? Politicians are motivated by the power of their positions and the money it takes to get there. That's why they're famous for catering to special interests and their lobbyists, because that's where the money is. Of course, the wealthy will always use their wealth to try to influence politicians, one way or another. And politicians will always succumb if they can do so without getting into too much trouble. The only way to stop the influence of money on our government is to have people running it who are truly devoted to the People. And who are committed to resisting the influence of money, and anything else that might be used to corrupt them. Politicians aren't known for that, and they never will be.

But we ordinary people would do it. We're the only ones willing to work as hard as we can to do the Right Thing for other ordinary people. For centuries, legions of regular Americans like us have fought and died to establish and defend our freedom. Shouldn't we also be willing to do the work that's needed to secure and maintain that freedom, and ensure it's not compromised or threatened? 

To do that, at least a few of us have to participate in our government personally. And not just by trying to persuade those in office to change their ways, which almost never works. And not just by "voting the bums out", which doesn't work either. Those approaches don't work because all of the incumbents and all of the candidates are politicians, and they're sponsored by the same dominant political parties. And the parties and the politicians all get their money from the same special interests that hire lobbyists. We vote for the people who run the country, but we have no influence at all over the people who run the parties, or the people who make campaign contributions expecting something in return, and hire lobbyists to make sure they get it. That's why, to get real change, to really make our country what we want it to be, we ordinary people have to be willing to do the work ourselves. That means we have to run in elections ourselves, and become congresspersons, and even become president. The only way our government will ever head in a new direction is to take it there ourselves. That's what a government "of the people" is all about! We're supposed to participate in our own governance. We're supposed to write our own laws to address our own issues. The United States is a republic, and that's what a republic is.

So, what are your issues? No, not the issues politicians all talk about on TV. Turn off the TV for a minute and think about it yourself. What are the most important things that would make your life better? Things that our government could actually do something about, if only it would?

Do you wish your tax burden was less onerous, and the tax structure more fair? Well, who do you think imposed the taxes and set up the tax structure the way it is? Politicians did! They wrote (or at least voted for) the tax laws! THEY SET IT UP THIS WAY.

Do you wish inflation wouldn't make your hard earned money worth less every single year, making it harder and harder to stay afloat? Most people think inflation is a necessary evil. We don't even think about it any more because we believe it's a part of life that can't be avoided. But that's not true. Sure, we've had inflation for a hundred years. But for the hundred years before that there wasn't any systemic inflation in this country at all. Even today, inflation can be stopped in its tracks. Then why don't politicians do what's necessary to stop it? Because it was politicians that voted for a banking system in which inflation is a feature. They'll never vote to change it. THEY SET IT UP THIS WAY.

Are you concerned that your privacy is being invaded and your freedom is restricted by forces beyond your control? Do you wish government agencies would stop secretly collecting and storing information about your telephone conversations, and your banking transactions, and your internet communications, and your health records, and everything else about you? If you're not, you should be. Because the government is actually doing all of those things, and there's no legitimate reason for it. How did that happen? There's only one possible way. Politicians voted for the laws that allow it. And politicians voted to approve the money that pays for it.

Are you a young college-educated voter concerned about an overwhelming load of college debt? Debt you can't get out of without paying it off, even if you file for bankruptcy? Are you unable to find work that has anything to do with your education, or even just work that pays enough to take care of your bills and your student loans? Can't the government do anything about that? You bet it can. But it won't. Because politicians voted for the laws that made college loans easy to get, and hard to get rid of. THEY SET IT UP THIS WAY.

Are you a member of a poor family that's dependent on the government for help? Are you frustrated that the help provided is never the kind that can help you to get back on your feet and become independent? Has your family been caught in this trap for generations, with no end in sight? Can't the government do anything about that? Of course it can. But it won't. Because politicians voted for the laws that only provide help to avoid hunger and stay warm. It's a lot better than nothing, but it will never be the kind of help you need to get control of your own life, and move on independently. POLITICIANS SET IT UP THIS WAY.

If any of these are among your own issues, then you know politicians won't talk seriously about fixing any of them. And even if they did talk about it, they couldn't be trusted to actually do anything about it. After all, they set things up this way.

We need people to run for office who aren't politicians. People who aren't dependent on political parties or special interests. People who aren't interested in horse trading and back room deals, but simply want to make our lives more free and society more fair. We need ordinary, independent citizens who are willing to do the work that politicians won't. We do NOT want to get involved in politics! We hate politics, and we dislike how our country operates under its influence. Instead, we want to get involved in our own governance. We want to improve our government so that it serves us better, and get politics and politicians out of it.

Do you think it can't be done? Please take some time out of your busy day to explore the information and ideas presented on this site, and see what you think then. Are you at least willing to try? Because if enough of us try, even just a tiny little bit, not only can we get it done—we can't be stopped.

America Needs YOU!