Let's Get Started!

Now that we’ve read the Constitution and know and understand what it says, we’re as prepared as we need to be to run for office, and to serve as elected representatives if we win. If we know nothing else about our government, and if we respect the Constitution, and if we think for ourselves and use our common sense, and let our own conscience be our guide, and resist anything that might keep us from our duty, we’ll very likely be doing a far, far better job than virtually all of the incumbents and their two-party candidate potential replacements will ever do.

So how do we proceed from here, exactly? Let’s first quantify what we must do to displace politicians with ordinary citizens, determined take back the government as legitimate representatives of the People, and committed to making it serve us better. Next, let's see how we can win an election with no party affiliation, no “war chest” of money, no powerful contacts, and no sponsors. Then let’s take a look at how we can govern effectively, preferably without any government-specific education or experience to pollute our thinking and derail our common sense. Let's then examine a few of the challenges faced by us ordinary people, and see if we can use our common sense to figure out what needs to change to improve things for ourselves. Finally, let's begin drafting bills calculated to make those improvements using only our Constitutionally legitimate power. And, since politicians have demonstrated time after time after time that they simply can't be trusted to do this work, let's promise to introduce these bills into congress ourselves, and when elected do the work ourselves.

And, as soon as we succeed in winning a majority of seats in the house of representatives, let's immediately put a stop the insanity of dangerous and irresponsible lawmaking that's been inflicted upon us all these years. As we've seen, this requires winning 218 seats. In other words, as few as 218 ordinary citizens elected to the house of representatives are enough to cause the government to turn on a dime and head in a new direction. Remember, to pass a law requires a majority of both houses of congress. That means if we, occupying as few as 218 seats in the house of representatives, vote against laws that don't support the needs of ordinary citizens, or are too long and complicated to make any sense of, then the reckless and irresponsible lawmaking of the "powers that be" will come to a screeching halt. And, if we succeed in winning a majority of the senate as well, we'll also be able to make our own laws, as we are supposed to be doing in our American republic. How? By repealing laws that make our lives more complex, more expensive, and less free than they should be. By amending laws that don't make any sense to us, and fixing them so they do make sense to us. And of course, by passing new laws specifically designed by us ordinary citizens, to make our own lives better. Laws that protect us from dishonest business practices. Laws that protect us from the so-called "elite" who control the big corporations and otherwise control the wealth of our nation, and who treat ordinary people like cannon fodder. Laws calculated to induce changes to aspects of society that make our lives less free and more controlled than we care for. Laws that protect us from decision makers who make plans and decisions that we decent, ordinary folks would never presume to make. Reckless, irresponsible, unsustainable decisions made in the name of "profit" and "control", by people who believe such decisions are excusable because they're "not personal", it's "just business". Well, it's personal to us.

We voting citizens don't have to put up with such abuse any longer. We can put a stop to it beginning with the next upcoming election! All we have to do is elect enough of our own kind to displace and dis-empower career politicians sponsored by the major political parties. And when elected, resist the special interests they cater to. It doesn't take millions of people to run. It doesn't even take thousands. If as few as 218 of us run for congress in different congressional districts around the country, and if enough of us voters are simply willing to lift a finger to vote for them, we can immediately begin to turn things around. Just a single regular citizen who is not a politician needs to run in each of at least 218 congressional districts. Then, only slightly more than half of us voters in those districts just have to be willing to lift a finger to vote for the non-politician. To vote not just for a single new representative in a single district, but for a new congress. A congress we can finally depend on to resist the money and influence of special interests. And, to support the interests of regular folks like us because they are regular folks like us. In other words, we just need to start running and voting for "us", and stop voting for "them".