Before we can create solutions to any of the biggest challenges we ordinary people face every day, we have to consciously acknowledge what some of our biggest challenges actually are. We're so used to being misdirected by the media that we may not even realize politicians work hard to avoid focusing attention on issues that are important to us. We then have to understand as well as we can the forces that cause those issues to arise in the first place. In doing so, we need to rely heavily on indisputable facts and our common sense. We cannot believe everything we hear from the power structure that benefits from the way things are now. So, a rational place to start making improvements is to figure out what some of our biggest challenges are, and how our laws could be changed to address them. Then we should get work trying to make those changes to address our issues in ways that make common sense. 

Some believe that congress is hampered in making improvements because it's difficult to persuade a majority of congress to agree on how to fix what's wrong. Let's not forget, however, that they were perfectly willing to agree on how to set things up the way they are, and now they won't even talk about trying to fix the problematic conditions that arose as a result. Think about it. Many of our biggest challenges would never have become issues at all if congress hadn't passed the laws that caused them.

On the landing page of this site, we presented a few issues that we ordinary citizens, we voters, can probably agree are problematic for many millions of us. Issues politicians refuse to talk seriously about fixing, let alone actually trying to fix them. Let's at least acknowledge to ourselves that most or all of those issues arose as a direct result of incompetent or corrupt lawmaking. So to fix them, why don't we start by refusing to ignore those same issues. In fact, let's refuse to talk about anything else! Many of these challenges appear to be the intended result of the laws that were passed, and many of the most limiting conditions we now face were SET UP BY POLITICIANS. It should be clear to us all by now, if these challenges are ever going to be overcome we'll have to the work ourselves. That means changing the laws ourselves. And that means running for congress, and winning our elections. The only way to change the laws in ways that actually make common sense is to make sure they're changed by people who have common sense. People who value citizens' interests above special interests, and who value duty above money and power. Plenty of us ordinary people fit the bill nicely. Much of America's history concerns legions of ordinary people, including many who are now voters, who volunteered to fight in wars in which we knew our very lives were in danger. We performed this duty willingly, to establish and protect our homeland and ourselves as a free land and a free people. Shouldn't we also be willing to do the work needed to secure that freedom, and ensure that it's not threatened or compromised? To do that, WE need to be in congress, making our own laws to address our own issues. Laws designed to champion our own lives, our own liberty, and our own pursuit of happiness! So...

Let's work to financially unburden the middle class. Let's fix the laws to make our tax burden was less onerous, and the tax structure more fair. Let's also fix the budget and stop spending obscene amounts of money on things we don't want or need, and provide better oversight to ensure the money we spend is spent wisely. Politicians will never make these changes, even if they pretend they'll try. They set up the tax laws the way they are! They spend like they think a $20 trillion deficit is a good thing!

Let's stop letting the value of our hard earned money be sapped by inflation. Let's fix the banking laws to protect our money's value, and stop inflation in its tracks. Let's also fix the laws that ensnare unwary borrowers in expensive traps they can't get out of. We can't rely on politicians to do this; they set up the banking laws as they are!

Let's put a stop to the thousands of workers in government agencies who secretly spy on us without restraint. Let's fix the laws to prevent government agencies from doing any domestic surveillance without a court order. We can't rely on politicians to make these changes; they set up the "homeland security" laws and infrastructure as they are!

Let's find a way to help our college-educated, debt-ridden young adults make enough money to live on, and live well. Let's change the laws that make college loans so easy to get and so difficult to discharge, and provide some relief for the millions of young people with college degrees in fields they can't find work in and college debt they can't pay. We can't rely on politicians to fix this either; they set up the education finance programs the way they are!

Let's change the federally funded public assistance programs that do little more than keep the needy from starving and freezing. Let's also set up programs that help them get better control of their circumstances, so they can take care of themselves and their families and move on independently. How can we possibly rely on politicians to make these reforms when they're the ones who set up public assistance programs the way they are!

These are just a few of the genuine issues we ordinary people confront every day. Of course, there are many more. Consider what else we could improve, provided we are willing to displace politicians in congress and do the work ourselves. We can fix the laws in ways that make common sense, to drive changes in society that make our lives more free and more safe.

Or, we can suffer through the only possible alternative. We can continue to vote for politicians, trusting against our better judgment that they really are trying to do the right thing. Hoping against hope this time things will be different. We can even refuse to vote at all because we believe the only people who can win are politicians who can't be trusted. Then we could try to convince them to change their ways; try to persuade them to ignore special interests with deep pockets; somehow get them to ignore the money they need to get us to vote for them in spite of the fact we think they're scoundrels. We could keep writing letters and holding demonstrations expressing our displeasure, our frustration and anger, just like we've always done. Hoping somehow this time things will get better. Hoping this time, the politicians will do what they're supposed to do instead of what they've been doing for many decadeswhat they've done since time immemorial. Hoping that this time, they'll actually work on our behalf to promote our interests, instead of working for so-called special interests. Good luck with that.

If you're not happy with politics-as-usual, then do something about it. Get involved and take effective action, starting right now, this very moment. You can begin by sending emails to a few of your friends directing their attention to this site. You can put a link to this site on a social network. You can tell folks you run into casually to have a look, even if you don't know them. You can run for congress, or a state or local position you think needs fixing, or find someone you trust who will. You can make sure you're registered to vote, and cast your vote for people who are NOT two-party politicians. Finally, if you're a non-politician running for congress as an independent or third party candidate, let us know who you are, especially if you're a write-in candidate. We'll post your name and a link to your campaign web site here to let voters know, as we work at the grass roots level, that a vote for you is also a vote for a new congress. A congress comprising hundreds of us so-called "ordinary" people. A congress we can trust to think of us first, because they ARE us! A congress that will reclaim the full measure of its legitimate Constitutional powers, and respect its mandated limitations. A congress that won't tolerate a president or supreme court justice that refuses to fulfill their legitimate roles. A congress made up "of the people". Just like the founders intended when they created our republic so we can govern ourselves, and not have to rely on others to take care of things for us.